Our services in all kind of projection, production, installation of different metallic constructions are fulfilled from a very professional team with an experience in this field more than 20 years.

Our range of productions and service include :

  • Design, manufacture and installation of industrial warehouse, stores in  metal construction, etc.
  • Manufacturing and installation of civil structures.
  • Manufacturing and installation of equipment to industrial and civil transport (different types of cranes, Cable car, civil and industrial lifts).
  • Manufacturing industrial assembly plants (fe-cr furnace, oven to melt steel electric).
  • Manufacturing assembly plants for filtering.
  • Construction of columns and high voltage  pylons, telecommunication antennas.
  • Tube  and gas distribution systems and fuel.
  • Tanks for oil stations.
  • Mounting manufacturing bridges with metal design.
  • Installation of modular structures.
  • Various industrial machinery.

Europa sh.p.k also provides services that include mechanical industry. We make every effort to be always professional in providing such services as:

  •  Different consults in mechanic field for our potential consumers.
  •  Diagnosis and identification of problems or defects in metallic constructions and structures.
  •  Problem resonance in mechanical equipment.
  •  Reparation of equipment and constructions with problems
  •  Guaranty Service for products

Currently we produce about 150 tons per month metallic construction.
Making a better utilization of workshop area , new  equipment that we bought and the increase of labor force our plan is  making 250 tons per months.
In carrying out production and realization of a high quality level assists a very good team of nearly 35 employees, including most of their occupation of welder are patented. While most of them has an experience long job.
In its policy of doing business , Europe sh.p.k had and will have to aim that experiences can also add new strength. For this reason the company gives a big contribution in recruiting new participants find at that who have a passion and desire to work in metal constructions.